Parasailing in Beautiful Corolla, NC

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  • Parasailing Corolla Outer Banks NC

    Parasailing Corolla Outer Banks NC

    Parasailing by the Historic Whalehead Club and Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, NC. Outer Banks.
  • Parasailing Safety Preperations

    Parasailing Safety Preperations

    Getting ready to “fly the chute” Grace and Captain Arnie go over safety protocols with the flyers.
  • Parasailing takeoff is a thrill

    Parasailing takeoff is a thrill

    Our Captains will walk you through the procedures for take off . Then comes the excitement of being smoothly lifted from the deck of the boat into the air. It is fun for all flyers!
  • Parasailing to new heights!

    Parasailing to new heights!

    Our Captain will slowly lift you into the air as you ascend on your flight. The ride is so smooth and peaceful that you will barely notice as you are taken by the exhilarating views of Corolla NC and the Currituck Sound.
  • Parasailing Ascention

    Parasailing Ascention

    A view of the boat as you ascend to your desired parasailing height. As you ascend you will notice that the busy “noise” of life melts away. In fact the only sounds you may hear are a few birds gracefully flying by or a lite breeze.
  • Parasailing in the clouds

    Parasailing in the clouds

    Parasailing at your final height you will find yourself lost in the views and the quiet. There are few times in our busy lives when we can experience such peaceful moments. Enjoy the sights, and find your inner peace. Come to North Beach Watersports Corolla NC, and we will help you relax on your vacation.

Come enjoy a bird’s eye view of the northern Currituck sound, Atlantic Ocean, historic Currituck Beach Lighthouse, and Whalehead Club in beautiful Corolla North Carolina. We offer 600, 900 and 1200 ft flights. We can fly singles, doubles and triples, and our parasail boat holds up to 6 people which insures longer flying times.

Singles doubles or triples Parasailing at North Beach Watersports in Corolla NC Outer Banks

Our goal is to make a lasting impression on your parasailing experience. First time and experienced parasailers alike will appreciate the professionalism of the entire crew at North Beach Watersports.

 General Parasailing Questions & Answers:



corolla light house para sailing
Scenic views as we sail past the Corolla Lighthouse
NOTICE: To Ensure The Best Experience Possible…
  • Our Crew has a combined 50+ years of experience
  • Our Captains are United States Coast Guard Licensed 100 Ton Masters and Retired Coast Guard Captains
  • We continuously monitor the changing weather conditions
  • Our boat and safety equipment are inspected daily
  • Safety is ALWAYS our first Priority!
1. What to wear?  – We recommend wearing a bathing suit because upon request you can get dipped in the water from your feet to your seat. You may also wear general clothes if you prefer to stay dry. Please keep in mind that it is a watersports activity and you may get wet.
2. How long is my parasail flight?  – Each parasail flight is up to 14 minutes.
3. How long will I be on the boat? – The boat leaves the dock on the hour so your total time is approximately 1 hour depending on the number of flyers.
4. How do I take off to parasail?  – After the crew harnesses you up and inflates the chute you will be attached to the flight bar and will take off from a seated position on the back deck of the boat.
5. How and where do I land at the end of the flight?  – At the end of the flight the captain will gently land you standing up on the back of the boat.
6. What to bring?  – We recommend that you bring a towel, sunscreen, water, and you may also choose to bring your camera or video equipment. However we are not responsible for damage. We offer a professional photo package if you choose not to bring your own.
7. Where will my parasailing activity take place?  – It will take place in the Currituck Sound on board a 30ft parasailing vessel. Your loved ones may also view your flight from our shaded gazebo on the water. North Beach Watersports is the only Parasailing company in the area that provides a remote viewing location where your entire family can view your parasailing ride. We are also fully handicapped accessible.
8. How old do you have to be to parasail?  – There is no age requirement. We have flown as young as 2 and as old as 96. However there is a weight requirement for the chute. We need at least 120lbs combined weight in the chute.
Parasailing Corolla NC
Captain Arnie with a customer in tow on our advanced parasailing boat.
9. Can an observer go on the boat?  – Yes. For a small fee.
10. Is there an extra charge for fuel?  – No. Fuel is already calculated into the price of the trip.
11. Do I need to make a reservation and how far in advance?  – No. You do not need to make a reservation. Walk-ups are welcome. However we do recommend that you make reservations in advance as we tend to book up quickly throughout the week. You can make a reservation up to 1 year in advance.
12. What happens if it rains? – If it rains or winds are too high the captain will make the determination if it is safe. If your flight is canceled then we give you the option to reschedule for the next available time slot. This is called a rain check.
13. When should we arrive for our reservation?  – We ask all participants to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled reservation.
14. How do I pay for flight?   – At the time of making your reservation we will hold them with a credit card. We do not charge your card until your parasailing excursion is complete. You may then choose to pay in cash or credit.
15. What is included in the photo package?  – The crew will take before, during and after photos of your parasailing flight. We have a professional grade digital SLR camera with a 300mm image stabilized zoom lens. You will receive between 40-50 photographs on an SD card that you receive immediately after your ride.